See the Good!

I’ve been seeing hearts lately. I look up and see heart-shaped clouds, heart-shaped openings in trees, and I look down and see heart-shaped rocks. Suddenly they are everywhere! I feel so excited, so blessed, every time this happens, so I keep snapping photos and posting them, because I can hardly contain my excitement! Love is Everywhere!

A funny thing happened the other day though. An elderly client of mine looked at my most recent “heart cloud pic” that I posted on Facebook, and couldn’t see the heart. “I see an insect,” she told me. “Really??” I replied,  “You seriously don’t see the heart?” “No,” she replied, “It’s a Bug!” I pointed out the arches at the top, the point at the bottom, but to her it was still a bug.

I thought about how we all see different things. The classic ‘glass half empty or half full,’ or the movie “Vantage Point,” which so beautifully shows several very different views of the same event. We see things based on our personal experiences, our beliefs and thoughts, and our expectations. We see things through our own lenses. Of course, we can always choose what we see. Do I want to see situations as stressful and overwhelming? Do I want to see myself as a victim? Do I want to see people as mean and selfish? I can adjust my lenses, and choose to see another view at any time. I can readjust my vision for the day.

I bought a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. I am reminding myself to see the good, everywhere. How bout you?


2 thoughts on “See the Good!

  1. I resonated so much with what you write here. Thank you!

    We truly create our own reality. I choose to see the love & the light in people, even if their actions show something seemingly contrary. Many people call me naive. What I am is not naive, though…I am simply helping to transform and uplift others through my seeing them through “rose-colored glasses”!

    Love to you, Ruth!
    Keep blogging!


    1. Anya, I am just coming back to my blog and learning how to use it! You posted here and I didn’t see that I needed to “approve” it until now. UGH! I am learning… and on the journey! Love you and your energy,


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