Reiki brings relief!

A client of mine said something the other day that I thought was pretty significant. “Out of all the things I’m doing,” she said, “the chiropractor, neurologist, and Reiki, the only thing that brings me any relief is Reiki!” She suffers from migraine headaches, and back and shoulder problems, but I hear this a lot from clients with a wide range of symptoms, both physical and psychological. Reiki brings relief.

How does this happen? Reiki, a form of therapeutic touch first used centuries ago in Japan, allows the body to relax. When stress is present in any number of forms, our bodies produce cortisol and go into that “fight or flight” response which allows us to run fast or life heavy objects when faced with life-threatening danger. The problem is, our “stress-filled” lifestyles keep us in that state CONTINUOUSLY, which is very bad for physical and emotional health. Any number of symptoms can occur that are directly related to stress. An ever-increasing number of auto-immune conditions have become prevalent in our society and are directly related to being under continuous stress of one kind or another.

Reiki helps the body to relax. Period. When deeply relaxed, we can let go of stress, and our wise and intuitive bodies go back to their normal “self healing and self regulating” modes. Pain is reduced or goes away completely; tension and “panic attacks” can resolve themselves; chronic systemic illnesses improve or resolve themselves. The power of Reiki has been recognized in recent years so much so that ALL of the Boston hospitals now utilize Reiki as a complimentary therapy. A growing number of hospitals around the country, as well as senior centers, wellness centers and spas, nursing homes, palliative care centers, chiropractic offices, drug and alcohol rehabs, are all using Reiki. Studies are being done so there will be more scientific and medical data available, but the results are clear – Reiki brings Relief!

If you haven’t yet tried Reiki, I urge you to contact me for a session. You won’t know what you’re missing unless you try it.



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