Reiki is a gentle soothing “touch therapy” which promotes deep relaxation. Therapeutic touch has been shown to reduce stress in the body, which allows the normal self-healing and self-regulating functions to take over. Reiki is used in hospitals as a tool to aid relaxation and recovery after procedures, and to relax patients who are ill or about to undergo surgical procedures. Reiki can be done anywhere, and compliments any other medical procedure.

At Peaceful Reiki Healing, the client lies comfortably  on a massage table, fully clothed, with pillows and blankets and low lights. Relaxing music and candles enhance the experience. Master level practitioner Ruth ilana Gopen utilizes a light, soothing touch and many years of experience working with clients to customize the experience for each person. Chronic pain and long-standing health concerns may take a few or several sessions to show improvement, but the Reiki session always promotes relaxation and a feeling of being at ease.

Whatever issues are going on in your life, Ruth is masterful at being a compassionate, caring health provider, and she listens deeply and empathetically. Sessions are deeply relaxing and a new perspective can be gained by sharing thoughts or concerns, and then completely relaxing during your Reiki session.

Reiki is not meant to replace medical care, and a Reiki practitioner never diagnoses medical or psychiatric conditions. Reiki can, along with traditional medicine, deeply enhance healing and well-being.

Cost: $70 per session

(children $40, half hour sessions)